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Registration now open!

Important dates for Registration


Registration opened

  • Monday, 3 May 2021                       

Deadline for Workshop Organisers to register

  • Monday, 20 September 2021 (AoE)

Deadline for Presenters (for Talks and Posters) to register

  • Sunday, 10 October 2021 (AoE) - Please note this date have been extended from the 04 October 2021.

Early Bird rate deadline for all Academics

  • Sunday, 10 October 2021 (AoE)- Please note this date have been extended from the 04 October 2021.

Registration Fees
  • Early-bird Conference Registration Fee for Academics  - €50 (Please note early bird has now closed, deadline 10th October.  All delegates must register at the Standard Confernce rate of €100)         

  • Standard Conference Registration Fee - €100

  • Workshop/Tutorial Registration Fee (per workshop/tutorial) - €25


All delegates must be registered for the conference in order to attend workshops


The following workshops will not require pre-registration and will not incur an additional workshop registration fee. The below workshops are included in the conference registration fee.

  • Workshop 2.1 - Gender Equality and Unconscious Bias in Research and Science

  • Workshop 3.1 - Prioritisation of research goals concerning Quantum Photonic Integrated Circuits (QPICs)

  • Workshop 3.2 - Education and Training: QTEdu Community Workshop

  • Workshop 4.1 - EURAMET support to Quantum Technologies Standardisation

  • Workshop 4.2 - Enabling software for scaling quantum computers

  • Workshop 4.3 - Quantum chemistry use cases and methods for NISQ applications

  • Workshop 5.1 - Education and Training: QTEdu Community Workshop

  • Workshop 6.3 - QTEdu community workshop & Decide game

The following workshops will incur an additional workshop registration fee of €25 per workshop/tutorial to attend. Delegates must also be registered for the conference to attend the workshops. The below workshops will require pre-registration via the registration form. Workshops are available to book via the registration form link above. Please note workshops may have capacity limitations so please book early to avoid disappointment. 

  • Workshop 1.1 - Qiskit: Open-Source Quantum Development, an introduction

  • Workshop 1.2 - Qiskit Machine Learning: Quantum algorithms for supervised learning

  • Workshop 1.3 - Qiskit Optimization: Quantum algorithms for applications of optimization

  • Workshop 1.4 - Qiskit Nature: Quantum algorithms for applications on the natural sciences domain

  • Workshop 2.2 - Hybrid Quantum Computing via QMware Cloud

  • Workshop 2.3 - Developing and executing error-mitigated NISQ algorithms across devices and simulators

  • Workshop 2.4 - Quantum Inspire

  • Workshop 6.1 - Quantum Orchestration: Integrated quantum control hardware & software for neutral atoms

  • Workshop 6.2 - Quantum Network Explorer: Showcase and demonstration of quantum network technologies

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